Hi, welcome to my book website.

The main update this time is to announce that my eighth book, 'Assassin' is being launched on May 1, 2014.  It will be available for pre-order on Apple, Barnes & Noble and Nook bookstores well before that date, priced at $0.99.  Unfortunately Amazon don't allow authors like me to set up a pre-order so it won't appear on Amazon until the 1 May of just after.  the same is true of Createspace for those of you who prefer to read my books in real print. 

This site is dedicated to my books. Each book has its own description along with some background to the story.

There are now links to all six Amazon stores, to the US and UK Barnes & Noble stores and links to the top ten Apple stores in terms of interest in my books.  It is hoped to provide links direct to Sony, Kobo, WHSmith and other fine eBook stores in the near future.

You can contact me directly using the contact email below or, if you have specific comments about a book, then please use the dedicated email links provided on each book page.

Ray Sullivan

Last updated 30 March 2014